Natasya Yusoff

I have had an on again off again relationship with yoga since my late teens when I found a VHS tape in a bargain bin at a local supermarket while living in Malaysia.

The tape was my first real introduction to yoga and it kicked my butt, but I loved it, I discover muscles I never knew I had, a new found strength, flexibility, confidence and freedom to just be me.

After a few years of following that one VHS tape (Kathy Smiths New Yoga Challenge). My mum introduced me to a new kind of yoga practice; The Cosmic Fountain of Youth, a series of 3 salutations that was available via cassette tape.

This is the program that has stayed with me and I still teach it regularly to my students today.

Over the years I had a few requests to teach yoga and always politely declined, knowing that I didn't have the right knowledge to teach safely and effectively. But the thought stayed in the back of my mind. 

As the years passed friends started to take yoga teacher training courses, people I had never even guessed would be interested in yoga let alone train to become a teacher, and that little voice in the back of my mind ignited, "if they can do it, so can I!"

I now have a diploma in teaching yoga asana and philosophy from Wellpark College. This was a year long teacher training course that fully immerses you in the art of living a yogic life.

I am constantly up-skilling and looking for ways of improving my practice, but I know that this is a lifetime journey with still so much to learn, yoga is not just a physical practice,  it's those deeper aspects of the practice that draw me in and hold my curiosity.

If we all just had a little yoga in our lives, the world would be an immensely better place for all.

I love teaching, be it dance or yoga, or a combination of both, I love seeing that light switch on in my students eyes, and the transformations that take place are truly amazing to watch.

It is an honour and a blessing to be part of such magic in peoples lives.


Natasya is the founder of the Yoga Pantry as well as an accomplished dancer, actor and artist.

You can visit her personal website at

Danielle Koifman

Hi! my name is Danielle and I was born and raised here in Auckland. 

After high school I was given the option to either work, study, or travel. I had no idea who, or what I wanted to be yet, so naturally I chose to travel. I had already opted to follow a vegetarian diet and when living in Europe I had the opportunity to live with a yogi from South American who taught me the basic yoga postures. At first I enjoyed it as a gentle yet effective form of exercise and spent the following 5 years travelling through different continents, developing my practice and spending a lot of time in nature, at eco and spiritual communities, and with indigenous cultures. I began to develop more awareness about the world, more compassion towards living beings, and a desire to understand who I really am.
Eventually I got tired of travelling on such a whim, and completing the course in Vinyasa yoga at Krishna village school of yoga studies in Australia last year felt like the natural next step on my journey.

Now I'm  excited to share with you a practice that has helped me physicallymentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
My classes are dynamic and varied, and I aim to bring much awareness to the breath to help pull us into the present moment where we can reach our full potential. I hope you leave my classes feeling relaxed yet energized, calm and centred, and more in touch with yourself.

Thank you for sharing your practice with me.


Renaud Stein

Renaud’s yoga and meditation journey began as a teenager in 1980, after having the urge to find himself and a purpose in life.
His quest included a search for answers to the fundamental questions in life through self‐inquiry and self‐development.

He has travelled to India many times, living with yogis and spent time in various ashrams and yoga centres, immersing himself into the study of the ancient yoga scriptures and intense yoga practices.

In 2008 Renaud studied at Wellpark College with Dr. Pooja & Dr. Sridhar Maddela and graduated with a Diploma of Yoga Therapy.
From 2009 to 2015 he was a tutor at Wellpark College, teaching yoga practice and meditation classes. He helped many aspiring yoga students get their yoga diplomas. (Including Natasya, Cerise, and Kim)

Renaud is passionate to share his knowledge and yoga expertise. The ancient science of yoga helps you to connect with your inner being, to bring health and harmony on a physical, mental and spiritual level.
To help you to achieve this state of wellbeing, his yoga classes integrate all elements of traditional yoga. Focus is not only on the physical postures and breathing practices, but also on meditation, relaxation, working with sound and incorporating yoga philosophy into the classes.

To make yoga accessible for every body he provides variations and modifications for the individual practices.

Renaud’s yoga classes are creative, fun and will leave you feeling worked out, but at the same time calm, relaxed and having a sense of peace of mind.