Pre Natal Yoga

These classes give the expectant mother an opportunity to tune inwards and focus on her growing belly with a new sense of awareness.

Classes will be based around classic asanas (postures) thoughtfully selected for your pregnancy. You may already be familiar with some of the poses, but prior yogic knowledge is not necessary as we will be working around these classic poses with mindfulness and care to create a sense of nurturing and peace, bringing flexibility to mind and body.

This is a time for us to feel comfortable and secure in taking care of ourselves, with the motto of "what is good for mother is good for baby". (Ana Davies) Baby Bliss Yoga.

Each class will be especially suited to the various stages, levels or energy experienced during pregnancy to support your body most to enter into labour and beyond with ease.  We will cover safety guidelines and benefits of pregnancy yoga over the course with some helpful mindsets to develop during pregnancy.

It is generally recommended that you start your prenatal classes after 12weeks.

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

  • Builds strength
  • Helps relieve aches and pains
  • Teaches you to breathe
  • Teaches balance
  • Helps you open your hips for childbirth
  • Relieves anxiety
  • Helps you bond with your baby
  • Teaches you how to rest on command
  • Encourages confidence

Wednesday Evenings 6.00pm - 7.15pm

Places are limited Register HERE Now

Bookings and prepayment is necessary to secure your place in class. We do accept casual students in our pregnancy classes however you will need to check on availability incase the course is already full.

We will be putting a hold on our prenatal classes for a while while Cerise prepares to welcome her 3rd child into the world.

However if you are interested in prenatal yoga Cerise is still available for private consultation and lessons contact us for more information.

Your Prenatal Instructor

Classes will be taught by Cerise Binns

"As a holistic therapist and yoga teacher I enjoy seeing people discover a new layer of themselves that brings their life into better alignment.  Whether that is through new eating habits, a new yoga practise or just the coming together as a group that improves wellbeing, then my role as a yoga teacher has purpose. I enjoy finding more space for the breath in popular poses and working with you to discover your edge within new ones.

After the recent birth of my second child I am back to teaching. My personal practise was taken down a notch as I worked on creating the mindset for the birthing experience I wanted. I am hoping to bring elements of what I experienced onto the mat for you.  I was able to experience a new perspective with my yoga practise that opened up other possibilities and taught me more patience and acceptance and of course love towards my pregnant body. Listening to your body in a way that you haven't before is very special,trusting your inner 'sat guru' to guide you will allow you deeper focus and safety in the poses.

Pregnancy is a time to concentrate awareness on yourself and not about advancing your yoga practice, appreciating your changing body and the miracle of life, that is the gift to yourself. 

Learning about your own limits and areas of growth is encouraging for me and I look forward to meeting on the mat."