Safety Precautions for Covid 19

Yay we've made it to level 1! Phew. 

We will continue to use our new booking system that's linked to our timetable meaning you now have the ability to pay via eftpos or cash at the venue or in advance via Punchpass online, you can also manage your bookings from within your Punchpass account and keep up to date with how many clips are left on your pass.

You will be able to drop in without pre-booking first however we do encourage you to use the booking system as it helps us operate more smoothly and cuts down on the amount of time we need to spend signing people in.

We'll can now bring all props, mats, and other shared equipment back into the space again and will be wiping down our mats and hard props regularly with Zoono antibacterial surface spray.

There will also be plenty of regular mat spray for each person to use after each class to ensure everything is kept clean and sanitised.

You are always welcome to bring your own mats and props.

Hand sanitizer will be provided at the desk but please make sure you wash your hands before you come into class.

If you are coughing, sneezing, headachy please stay home, you can always join us from zoom instead :)

We will continue to offer the live zoom classes for those of you that still need to isolate or would like to join us from further afield.