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4 week Pranayama (breathwork) course.

What is prana?

Prana is the the vital life force in all things.

Ayama is the expansion of that life force, hence pranayama practices are designed to expand and nourish our vital life force.

In this 4 week course you will explore a few different and powerful breathing techniques to deepen your current knowledge or expand your personal practice with pranayama and its various applications.

You will learn a bit of history of each practice and its impact on meditation.

The scientific facts related to it and the applications (which one is best for what purpose) plus effective guided practices as we come together as a group in Satsang (sat meaning "true" and sangha meaning community, company or association) with an invitation to share a little about your experiences with each practice and join in a shared discussion at the end of each session.

Benefits of Pranayama

The goal of pranayama is to strengthen the connection between your body and mind. According to research, pranayama can promote relaxation and mindfulness. It's also proven to support multiple aspects of physical health, including lung function, blood pressure, and brain function.

We will cover

  • Ujjayi & Yogic Breath ---> opening the series and recapped at each session
  • Nawa Sankia,
  • Sama Vritti 
  • Nadi Shodana 


  • Tuesday 31 August - 21 September Online


  • 6.00 PM - 7.00 PM


  • $80
  • VIP members are eligible for a 25% discount, contact Tash for your code.

Spaces are limited.

Join Tash on an immersive soundscape as you journey onto your mind and nervous system, releasing tensions, anxieties and aches and pains from your body as you relax deeply into yourself and emerge feeling refreshed and calm.

Sound baths are becoming increasingly popular in this day and age of overscheduled lives and high anxiety.

A sound bath can take you away from the hustle and bustle of your life and recalibrate your vibrational set point to feel more at ease and peaceful.

Poor mood and elevated anxiety are linked to increased incidence of disease which can be caused by all of the noise pollution and dissonance in our daily "modern" lives. By recalibrating our systems back into harmony we give the nervous system a gentle reset which allows our minds to quiet and our bodies to deeply relax. When our energy systems are vibrating in harmony we feel energized, refreshed, and revitalized. From this state, our bodies are better equipped to heal.

We will begin our journey with some fun and free movement to stretch out the kinks, then bring ourselves down to our mats with some pranayama breathwork and finally snuggle in for an immersive sound journey of Tibetan and crystal healing bowls, ocean drums, and chimes to wrap you up in the delicious sound vibrations and frequencies of deep vibrational healing and intuitive insight.

We then wrap up our session with a lovely warm cup of herbal tea and bliss balls to bring you fully back into the room and send you off feeling amazing!

Spaces are limited though so please book A.S.A.P

Please bring warm clothes to wrap up in and you are also welcome to bring your own yoga mat, but you don't need to we have mats, blankets, and cushions that you are welcome to use.

I can't wait to share this beautiful experience with you.


  • New dates to be confirmed upon our entry into level 2


  • 4.00 PM - 5.30 PM


  • $35
  • VIP members are eligible for a 40% discount, contact Tash for your code

Spaces are limited 

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