Super Saver Membership  

Join The Yoga Pantry as a V.I.P Member and get unlimited access to all our regular classes for just $140 per month. 

Aside from being able to enjoy an unlimited number of classes each month, members also get access to discounts on workshops and special offerings! AMAZING!

PLUS from time to time we may just treat you to a special members reward!

The Nitty Gritty

Opting into our super saver membership means you are agreeing to a minimum 6-month contract. We require 30 days notice in writing to cancel your membership. Memberships that are cancelled prior to the end of the 6 month contract will incur a $140 early cancellation fee.

Memberships on Hold

You are welcome to hold or suspend your membership if you are going on an extended holiday, or have experienced an injury.  We require 14 days notice prior to your next billing date. All requests are to be made by contacting us here.  Please note that we do not allow suspended memberships to be cancelled. Your membership must be active for one month prior to cancellation. Please review the following policy prior to submitting your hold request.

Memberships Policies

The membership can only be put on hold twice in a calendar year. The membership can be put on hold for a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 3 months. Memberships cannot be cancelled while suspended. 

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