Last updated 30th of November 2018. We are located in the St Albans Church Undercroft. Follow the path to the right of the church down to the back of the building.

Please Note: We are CLOSED on PUBLIC HOLIDAYS and long weekends unless stated otherwise.

We will be closed over the Christmas and New Years holidays until mid January 2019

Last class is our Yin class at 7.15pm Tuesday the 18th December 2018

The Best Variety of Yoga in Auckland - No Bookings Necessary

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AM Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
9.00 Meditation with Tash 20min 9.00
9.30 Chair Yoga with Tash 60 min Stretch and Tone with Tash 60min Morning Flow Yoga with Tash 60min Peoples Choice with Tash 75min 9.30
11.00 Childrens yoga with Tash (2-6yr)30min 11.00
4.30 Sunday Surrender with Cheryl 60min 4.30
6.00 Stretch, Strengthen, and Breathe with Tash 75min Hour of Power- HIIT Yoga with Tash 60min Bliss Bomb! Stretch and Release with Lauren 60min 6.00
6.30 Relax, Restore and Rejuvenate with Francesca 75min * Beginner Plus course with Maru - check website for details 6.30
7.15 Yin by Candelight with Tash or Russell 75min 7.15
7.30 * Beginner or Intermediate course with Tash - check website for details 7.30
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

*You must be enrolled in the Beginner or Intermediate course to attend this class.

Beginners Course Registration and Description

Intermediate Course Registration and Description

**If it is your first class at The Yoga Pantry, please ensure you arrive early so we can have a chat with you before class to find out if you are working with any injuries or health concerns, this helps us modify posture to suit you and also gives us an opportunity to find out what you would like to get out of your practice.

***Our timetable is constantly evolving as we fine tune our ingredients, do check back from time to time to see what has been altered and what new treats are being stocked in the Pantry.


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