What are the benefits of practicing yoga?

Yoga asana has a lot of physical benefits: It creates a flexible, toned and strong body, improves breathing, energy and metabolism, helping you to loose or maintain a healthy weight. Yoga asana also improves circulatory and cardiac health, improving balance, coordination and fitness levels. It can relieve pain, and improves posture. It also helps build bone density, keeps joints healthy and can increase the hyaluronic acid production in your body keeping you looking younger and more radiant. 

The mental benefits of a yogic practice are just as numerous: It makes you happier, more balanced, and emotionally calmer. It helps you relax so you can handle stress better. Yoga boosts self-confidence, alleviates depression and helps you to focus your energy and mind.

The spiritual benefits of yoga are the added bonus: Yoga teaches you to be more mindful. You develop a keen awareness for what is going on inside and outside of you. Yoga teaches you to be present in your surroundings and open to what is all around, you will feel a sense of connection to all things, giving you greater compassion and empathy.


How long does it take to feel the benefits of yoga?