What should I do if I experience pain during a class?

If you feel discomfort beyond typical muscle discomfort or fatigue, such as a sudden and sharp or pinching pain, that may indicate a serious injury, or signal that you are headed toward serious injury. Gently and cautiously get out of the pose and tell you teacher immediately.

If you feel shy about calling attention to yourself, raise you hand to get the teachers attention or move into a comfortable resting position and wait till class has ended to talk to the teacher. If non of those options appeal, quietly leave the class and take a moment, a breather to check yourself over.

Often pain in a pose can be alleviated with a simple modification or a supportive prop like a block, or blanket.

If the pain continues or worsens, you may want to consult a medical professional.

Always monitor your body during practice and never ever push yourself past your physical limits, even if you think you can go there, ease back and don't let your ego lead you towards disaster.


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