What style of yoga should I practice?

This is something you will need to experiment with yourself to find what resonates best with you. However it is highly beneficial to practice both a style of yoga that stresses the muscles like vinyasa, ashtange, hatha, Iyengar or just a general classic yoga asana class that integrates all these styles, with a yin class that will work your joints and connective tissues.

If you like vigorous activity, find it hard to sit still and relax, then maybe a restoration or slower paced class is what you really need. You will most likely struggle with it, but your mind and body will thank you for it. However if you enjoy the restful slow easy classes, maybe you need to find something more active like a vinyasa flow class. Try them all, ultimately you will find a teacher or practice that you really enjoy and connect with, and one that will benefit you the most. This may change as your practice matures. 


What is the etiquette in a yoga class?